We are in the pilot phase of this scheme, behind the scenes we are busy creating the systems and technology, negotiating with suppliers and finding the people to help us run it.  This website has just launched with a few offers, there's plenty more to come over the next few weeks.

There's no limitation to the products and services we can buy as a group of consumers, tell us what you want to buy and we will talk to suppliers to negotiate a price and then we will ask the other members if they want to add to the order.

If you want to promote your discount voucher, special offer or bulk buy deal to our members, we will check it is a good deal before offering it to our members.

Here are our latest offers for Community Buying Group Members:

These products and services are only available to our registered members. We buy these items in bulk to run our social enterprises, the remainder of the order is offered to our members who buy smaller amounts at a substantially discounted price.  We put a small mark up on the price we pay to cover our costs and this help us fund our free community activities.

We offer free collection from several local locations and community events.  Some items we can deliver to Community Buying Group Members in the local area, we charge 50p for each delivery.

If you want us to offer a particular product, brand or type of service - just fill out the form on the right.

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